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Louisiana artist, Jed Malitz, stands by his one-of-a-kind glass sculpture in his Covington studio. Northshore Millwork created the base of this sculpture out of ash creating a look of wood beams.
Cherry fireplace mantle with large decorative columns.
Detailed scroll work adding to the beauty of this cherry mantle.
This exterior building is used as a potting shed and features Spanish Cedar custom cabinets, which hold up very well outdoors.
This new concept is to design a room off the side of your home on the 2nd floor for a sleeping porch. The bifold louvers open to allow for gentle breezes to cool you off while you nap or read a book. The bed is free hanging for a contemporary look and style.
This unique glass and wood sculpture designed by Louisiana artist, Jed Malitz, sits in his studio in Covington, LA. Northshore Millwork created the base of this art piece out of ash, chosen for its natural looking wood grain and strength. The individual “timbers” were made of 4 pieces of ash and laminated together to form 6″ x 6″ beams to create a look of large beams. The top was approximately 20″ x 40″ and the beams were bolted together on site due to the size and weight of the piece. A clear conversion varnish was applied and then highlighted with a gray finisher’s glaze.
This unique wine tasting station was built in walnut and placed outside the home's custom wine room.
This cedar chest was created to house pool towels outside the home's cabana.
We have several customers who ask us for this type of wine rack to be added to their kitchen or wet bar.
This custom wine room is designed with a walnut and glass entry door and framing and has walnut shelving in the interior. Most wine rooms are climate controlled for longer term storage of red and white wines (50-55 degrees F is optimal). For short term storage of wines, climate controlled areas are not necessary.
Walnut Custom Elevator
Walnut Bench
Cherry Custom Armoire
Wine cabinets are very popular and allow you to display your wine glasses while providing storage for your bottles.
This unique glass sculpture was designed by Jed Malitz and Northshore Millwork created the base out of MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard), a man-made material chosen for its durability and strength to handle the incredible weight of the glass structure. Layers of MDF were stacked together to create the striped look and a clear conversion varnish was applied on top of the natural color of the material. This piece is located at his Covington, LA studio.
Cherry built-ins highlighted by a beautiful cherry mantle.
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