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Triple crown mouldings work well for ceiling heights above 9 feet to add a formal element to your room. Under 9 foot ceilings should have a single or double crown moulding to keep a light feel to the lower ceiling height and not make it feel lower than it is.
Crown moulding adds a formal feeling to your home. To help resale value of your home, single crown moulding should be added to upstairs rooms with single, double or triple crown to be in all downstairs rooms.
This dining room has an added formal element with the cased opening mouldings and fireplace mantel.
Close up view of one style of triple crown moulding. You can create your own!
The radius bay window and triple crown moulding make this room formal and has a finished look to it.
Close up view of the crown moulding. One piece actually adheres to the ceiling of your room and the other one or two pieces follow the wall.
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