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wood-stand-mdf-brightTwo of our projects made national press in the Glass Art magazine courtesy of an amazing artist, Jed Malitz, who commissioned us to make custom wood stands for his one-of-a-kind glass sculptures.  You can visit his studio in downtown Covington, LA on North Columbia St. to see them in person.


The first stand we made pictured on p. 4 of the magazine is made out of MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard), a man-made material chosen for its durability and strength to handle the incredible weight of the glass structure.  Layers of MDF were stacked together to create the striped look and a clear conversion varnish was applied on top of the natural color of the material.



The second stand we made pictured on p. 41 is made out of ash and was chosen for its natural looking wood grain and strength.  Large beams were not available, so the individual “timbers” were made of 4 pieces of ash and laminated together to form 6″ x 6″ beams.  The top was approximately 20″ x 40″ and the beams were bolted together on site due to the size and weight of the piece.  A clear conversion varnish was applied and then highlighted with a gray finisher’s glaze.

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