» Leadership St. Tammany visit

Leadership St. Tammany visit

Leadership St. Tammany visit

The 2014 Class of Leadership St. Tammany visited Northshore Millwork on Economic Development Day to learn about quality local manufacturing in St. Tammany Parish.  This location also serves as the headquarters for 3 other large industries that the family is involved in globally.


The attention to quality that goes into Northshore Millwork’s cabinets, doors and windows was evident on the tour when examining the early construction.  We saw numerous exotic hardwoods in inventory and several vintage machines, some dating back to the 1800s that are used for the highest precision manufacturing.  We learned tools and parts are manufactured on site for any repairs, since these early machines are more accurate than today’s.

LST group visit for NSM tour

We learned about the importance of using accurate architectural drawings and finishing a job strong, insuring the customers are more than satisfied.  This always leads to numerous referrals from customers.

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